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interpersonal relationship is a strong, deep , or
close association or acquaintance between two
or more people that may range in duration from
brief to enduring .
i ) Patience: This is the ability to be calm and
not be quick to provocation .
ii ) Honesty : This is the quality of being truthful
and upright in your dealing with others.
iii ) Tolerance : It is the ability to accept others
the way they are . Always remember that no
two people can be exactly the same.
iv ) Make others feel important . Show to them
how you care.
A responsible parenthood is simply defined as
the “ will” and ability of parents to respect and
do the needs and aspirations of the family and
i ) Teaching morality.
Good citizens need to be people who act
according to moral principles . Rather than
being selfish or trying to deceive each other ,
they ought to deal in a kind and upright way
with each other . Part of a parent ’ s
responsibility is ensuring that they bring up the
next generation of citizens properly .
ii ) Teaching social interactions .
Being polite , making friends, and reaching out
to others are all important things in society .
Parents can teach children to be comfortable
when socializing from an early age .
iii ) Budgeting and finances .
In order to keep the economy of a given
society going, the citizens need to have good
control of their finances . Parents can help to
get their children into good financial habits
early on.
iv ) Showing children the ropes .
A responsible parent will teach their child how
to move in society: how to pay for things in
shops and get the correct change , for example,
or how to take public transport .
constitution is a set of fundamental principles
or established precedents according to which a
state or other organization is governed .
-The Legislative Arm This is the law creating
section of state,
known as the Parliament , and also the
citizens of Western Australia choose its
members .
-The Executive Arm This is the law
administering ( carrying –
out ) section of state, known as the
executive , and its members are drawn
from the members of parliament whose
party has the bulk of seats within the
assembly .
-The Judicial Arm The third arm of the central
is a self- governing judiciary . The
Judiciary interprets the laws, utilising as
a basis the laws as enacted and
instructive statements created within the
assembly during the enactment.
A political party is a group of
people who come together to
contest elections and hold
power in the government
Free press refer to : Freedom of the press , legal
protections for public communications media .
The armed forces of a
country are its government-
sponsored defense, fighting
forces, and organizations
7f )
Civil society is the ” aggregate of non –
governmental organizations and institutions that
manifest interests and will of citizens” .
i ) To work in collaboration with other
agencies or bodies that may ensure
elimination and prevention of the root causes
of the problem of traffic in any person ;
ii ) To strengthen and enhance effective legal
means for international cooperation in
criminal matters for suppressing the
international activities of traffic in person ;
iii ) To strengthen cooperation between the
Attorney – General of the Federation, Nigeria
Police, Nigeria Immigration Services , Nigeria
Customs Services , Nigeria Prison Services ,
Welfare Officials and all other agencies in the
eradication of traffic in person ;
iv ) To take charge, supervise , control and
coordinate the rehabilitation of trafficked
persons ;
v ) To investigate and prosecute traffickers

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