Panic in Rivers state as Parents rush to school to take their children home over Monkeypox rumors.. They say soldiers are on their way to inject them! (photos)

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We have received multiple reports of a pandemonium in Abonnema, Akuku-Toru LGA, in Rivers State, as school children flee for their lives, over rumors that Soldiers are injecting them with Monkeypox.

Parents are currently rushing to their ward school, to take them home.. This is the same rumor that rocked Anambra State.

Below are multiple reports we received from several sources, Live in the state;

Greetings yabaleft.. Please help us broadcast this, as it is very urgent. This is a live event of children running from school due to the fear of monkey pox. The same soldiers that were in bayelsa are live in Abonnema. Trying to force them to be injected. This is happening in Abonnema under Akuku – Toru L.G.A In Rivers State.

Please help us publish this.. The government of Ricers State should come to the aid of our schooling children, as this (vaccine) is in no way affiliated to WHO… The health Centres In This L.G.A are not consulted in this act. Even the nurses and doctors working in the L.G.A Health Centers ain’t aware of this very act..

The same soldiers are in a neighbouring community called Buguma… Under Aselga L.G.A. Now, the same rumor is just been passed that the soldiers are on their way to Abonnema (under Akuku Toru L.G.A) which is just some few kilo meters away from Buguma..

According to the information now.. They are presently in degema (under Delga) which is the closest community to Abonnema.

The whole community is under Tension which is leading to; parents and guardians deciding that their children won’t go to school for one week..

A user, Oraye St. Franklyn on Facebook wrote:

The military should please forget its charity/ humanitarian work in Southern Nigeria. From reports, they are clearly not welcome.

If they wish to win the confidence and support of the publics, they must begin by changing the character of their narrative.

Who wants to frolick with Pythons or Crocodiles, and within the same period that humanity is being dehumanized by them?

Haba! Some things are common sense na?

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