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… 1a)
A – Disc plough
B – Mouldboard plough
(I) A is used for ploughing the soil while B is used for primary tillage.
(II) A is used to turn over top soil before planting while B is used for making ridges.
I – Beam cap
II – Standard beam
III – Frame
(i) A is stronger than B
(ii) A can be used in tropical region while B cannot
(iii) A can be used in clayey soil while B cannot
IV – Mouldboard
V – Share point
VI – Vertical disc hitch
(i) Hoe
(ii) Cutlass
To determine the presence of living organisms in the soil.
I – Rubber cork
II – String
III – Conical flask
Iv – lime water
(i) Collection of fresh garden soil in a piece of cellophane bag.
(ii) One sample is heated and both bags are tied up with string.
(iii) Placed all in a flask containing lime water
(iv) The other end of flask is corked and allowed the veting for six hours.
(v) The heated sample serves as control experiment to kill all organisms in the soil.
To kill all organisms in the soil.
C – The lime water turns milky since carbondioxide is released
D – The lime water remains the same
C – The unheated soil has micro organisms that release carbondioxide
D – The heated soil do not have any to release to the carbondioxide.
E- Pawpaw tree
F- Bug pest
G- Cassava tuber
(i) Fruit
(ii) Leaf
Pest: grasshopper
Disease: mosaic
(i) It can be used for scientific resreach and discovery
(ii) It destroys the plant
(i) It reduces the growth of the stem of G
(ii) it also transfer disease to the stem of G
By chemical control
By stem cutting
(i) Procession of garri
(ii) Procession of starch
H – Catfish
I – Hen
(i) Smoking
(ii) Refrigeration
(iii) Canning
(iv) Salting
(i) Fish feed
(ii) Palm nut
(i) Newcastle disease
(ii) coccidiosis
(i) Lasota
(ii) Infectious bursal disease
(i) Battery cage system
(ii) Deep system
Poutry dropping

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